the lady

bus driver: miss, u are $1.40 short.  
lady: no. this is a weekly card.  
bd: no, it isn’t. if it were the machine would read ‘expired’ and instead it reads u are a $1.40 short.  
lady: this is a weekly card. i ride the bus every day.  
bd: miss, i DRIVE the bus every day, ALL day for the last 15 years.  
lady: well, i’ve been waiting for 30 minutes! 
dred: that’s because they come every 30 minutes. i thought u rode the bus every day.  
lady: why don’t u mind ur own business.  
lady 2: it IS his business. ur holding everyone up.  
lady to bd: well, i don’t have $1.40 and i’m not getting off.  
(goes to back of bus - driver opens up door and we wait - after a minute, bd closes door) 
bd: i don’t want to hold everyone up.  
dred: i don’t care.  
lady 3: i do. i have to get to work.  
lady 2 to lady: what makes u so special? u don’t have to follow the rules? 
lady: i’m not getting off this fucking bus. fuck u.