today's ride 11.10.17


steppin’ in it - herbie/manchild 
a mansion on the hill - hank williams 
goldberg var 30 - bach/gould/‘55 
when hearts are young - hank jones trio 
if you want me to stay - sly 
picadilles importunes: etre jaloux…

today's ride 11.9.17

mystery achievement - pretenders 
earth died screaming - wait  
stephen foster - industrial cue/dred 
california dreamin’ (take 3) - dred scott trio/unreleased 
country honk - stones 
not a top, i’m a bottom - rene risque and the art lovers/unreleased …


the old nyc 11.5.17

wistfully nostalgic about the gritty, soulful old nyc? here’s all you have to do… go to greenwich and christopher on a beautiful indian summer evening and have a meal with your family but be sure to sit next to the…

today's ride 11.2.17 


doodle oop - meters 
and it stoned me - van morrison
alameda co. recycling psa/‘james brown’ - dred 
that’s the way - kc and the sunshine band
funny (not much) - nat king cole 
will you still be…

today' ride 10.28.17


this is really fun. my love for music and for listening is being rejuvenated. i find myself riding longer because i want to hear what’s coming next. question - is the shuffle algorhythm truly random?? sometimes it doesn’t…

today's ride 10.27.17


pecadilles importunes - satie/thibaudet 
i was wrong (take 2) - keith everett 
live and let die (take 2) - dred scott trio/unreleased 
dance music for alan danielson - dred/jay collins, flute 
man who sold the world - bowie …

new project - today's ride

i don’t like to exercise. i like having exercised but as a musician, i’ve become accustomed to doing whatever i want all the time. and if i don’t feel like exercising, i generally don’t. for a long time, swimming was…

the collanades

the 129 unit building was completed in 1935. it’s called, ‘the collonades.' the brochure said 'every apartment facing the street.' the brochure also boasted views of new york harbor and the atlantic ocean from the roof gardens - dining balconies…


night people

he wakes up. it's dark in his apartment - pitch black. it's the only way he can sleep. even still. he turns on the lamp next to the bed. it's 4:55 pm. he opens the shade to the last light…


my first and last 7 jobs

some thing was going around the fb about 'what were your first 7 jobs’? most people just listed them without explanation. i thought it might be interesting and hopefully amusing to see if i could recount them in a little…


how to pick up chicks

i was in between marriages and one day found myself riding the subway standing over a cute girl with paint all over her jeans holding a tackle box in her lap.  
‘catch anything?’ i asked when our eyes met.  



once again, a young woman sits down next to me on the subway and goes to town putting on her face. stop after stop she brushes and lines and powders and darkens and lightens, making a stirring racket in her…