how to pick up chicks

i was in between marriages and one day found myself riding the subway standing over a cute girl with paint all over her jeans holding a tackle box in her lap.  
‘catch anything?’ i asked when our eyes met.  
'no,’ she laughed, 'it’s filled w art supplies.’ 
'you’re a painter? cool.’ 
'no. not really. my day job is applying gold leaf to things.’ 
'so you work for donald trump?’ 
laughing again, 'i have but not on this job i’m doing now.’ 
'so what do u really do?’ 
'uh…i’m a clown.’ 
'really. i used to work w larry pisoni in the pickle family circus and i know geoff hoyle and i used to know bill irwin before he got famous doing all those albee plays. he’s an amazing clown, though.’ 
'i know!! wow. cool.’ 
'i got a buddy lives in tokyo goes by guido the clown. he made his own organ grinder. u go to clown college?’ 
'the one in florida?’ 
'is there another one?’ 
'not that i know of.’ 
the train pulls into an express connection.  
'damn. this is my stop,’ i say. 'i’d love to talk to you some more about clowns. i’ve always been afraid of clowns but u seem really nice.’ 
she laughed and said, 'here’s my number.’ 
we got together a couple times but the vibe wasn’t there.