make-up 2

a woman gets on and sits directly across from me. within seconds she is into her handbag. out comes the….deodorant? i have articluated my annoyance at people who do their grooming on the subway but this is a first. and then she goes at it. she is wearing a tight fitting, striped blouse and i notice i can see her bra straps as she liberally applies the deodorant under each arm. it is then i notice she is also attractive and dressed very hip - a little like jimi hendrix. she probably walks around naked in her apartment. she goes back in the bag for lip gloss. i’m no expert but it had to be lip gloss because she went around her mouth 10 times with it and her lips didn’t change color. i realize i am not annoyed because she is attractive. and that i liked watching her put on her deodorant and lip gloss. i understand this to be some kind of double standard and resolve to stop writing about these grooming encounters.